YOGA Nutrition & Wellness Center


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm




Sylvan Classes Are HERE!

 Robotics – Coding -Math – Reading – Writing – Study Skills – Homework Help – College Prep.

– Please Call 703-734-1234 for more information and class times.

Kids Choice Sports Centers have all your kid’s sports, fun & parties under one roof!

Turf Fields – Basketball – Volleyball – Swimming Pool (Woodbridge) – Dance Studio – Moon Bounces – Obstacle Courses

Party Rooms – Parents Viewing Areas – WI-FI – Snack Bar

About Us

KCSC is owned by two veteran operators of the adult health and fitness industry who recognized the obvious similarities between the industries, but more importantly, they understand the differences. Simply put, KCSC will adopt many of the business practices that have worked for the adult fitness industry, and apply them to the relatively undisciplined world of kid’s fitness. We expect to make a leap of more than 30 years in the approach to addressing kid’s fitness.

Center Activities

At this time, Kid’s Choice offers a full service complement of activities for children from about 2 years in age through the teens. Following is a partial listing that will be expanded over the next few months:

Our activities include:
  • Soccer, Lacrosse, Futsal and other turf sports
  • Basketball
  • Supervised Nursery
  • Gymnastics & Cheer
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance & Ballet
  • Aquatics, including Swim Lessons
  • Pre & Post School Supervised Activities

It is our vision to provide a new kind of children/kid’s sports center that virtually revolutionizes the way its services are presented. Kid’s Choice will be the “ultimate” provider in the market, and make your experience the best one possible.